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We cater to almost anywhere in central alberta .All of our cooking is done on site.We specilize in whole roasted pig on the spit as well as offering roast beef,turkeys,beef on a bun,and many more items.We have been in business for 8 years,and have many repeat customers.We operate our hours to suit our customers.We are not a restuarant we travel to homes,halls,campsites....therefore we donot have a set of open and close hours.

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Big Pig Catering,Lacombe Alberta -
We are a travelling catering company who travels all over Central,Alberta.We specilalize in whole roasted pig on the spit,however we do cater many other items.We operate buffet style and our cooking is done on site.Prices vary on how far we have to travel and the number of people we are catering to.Meals include ;baked potatoe with all fixings;salad;baked beans;dinner buns and dessert.All left overs are our customers.Children 6 and under are free;7 to 12 half price.
vary on miles traveled and number of patrons
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